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Supremacy Doctrine: Rule of Law

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Supremacy Doctrine: Rule of Law

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  • Unconstitutional for parliament to undermine the rule of law / not illegal
  • No conflict between principles / due to practical limits / furthermore there is necessary link
  • Dicey: the sovereignty of Parliament favours the supremacy of the law / composite body / will of Parliament must be formally expressed in words / supremacy requires laws
  • Lord Steyn: parliamentary supremacy is a construct of the common law (Jackson v Attorney-General ) / judges can qualify to uphold rule of law

Judicial Criticism:

  • judiciary have found absolute Parliamentary / contrary to rule of law
  • Sir John Laws: 1995 article / constitution sovereign / Parliament limited by framework principles / eg. democracy & freedom of expression
  • Lord Woolf: 1995 article / legal limits that courts should enforce
  • Lord Hope: obiter / parliamentary sovereignty not absolute / the rule of law enforced by the courts is the ultimate controlling factor on which our constitution is based (Jackson v Attorney-General )
bits of law
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