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Supremacy Doctrine: Bind Successors

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Supremacy Doctrine: Bind Successors

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  • Traditional / Dicey: Parliament cannot bind successors / can make or unmake any law

Implied repeal:

  • For implied repeal there must be clear inconsistency / later Act supersedes a previous one (Ellen Street Estates Ltd v Minister of Health)

Thoburn v Sunderland City Council:

  • Laws LJ: ordinary and constitutional statutes / constitutional immune to implied repeal / based on common law / such significance intent of Parliament necessary to repeal
  • Constitutional test: if changes the legal relationship between citizen & State / fundamental constitutional rights / eg. European Communities Act 1972

Manner and Form:

  • Content: continuing supremacy (Ellen Street Estates Ltd v Minister of Health)

Trethowan case:

  • Australian case / provides persuasive precedent UK / may be distinguished /seems Parliament can bind successors to manner & form of future enactments


  • Heuston: sovereignty naturally subject to rules / Parliament can bind manner & form
  • Hart: sovereignty is historical & political fact / cannot be changed by legislation alone
  • TRS Allen: sovereignty naturally subject to fundamental values / Parliament should be able to entrench these laws
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