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Business Mobility: Qualifications

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Business Mobility: Qualifications

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  • Host State must assess equivalence (Vlassopoulou)

Regulation 1612/68

  • Article 3: linguistic competence / may be required for a particular post / indistinctly applicable / proportionate (Groener)

Directive 2004/38

  • Article 27(1): candidate cannot be turned down for job / on economic grounds (shortage of certain jobs)

Directive 2005/36

  • employed or self-employed / in regulated profession / EU citizens / Member State other than their own
  • Chapter One: principle of mutual recognition / subject to compensatory measures: aptitude test if 1 yr shorter / substantially different
  • Chapter Two: system of automatic recognition of qualifications / experience : textiles / clothing / food
  • Chapter Three: system of automatic recognition of qualifications for specified professions: medical / vets / architects
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