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Non-Fatal Offences: Battery Liability

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Battery: Liability

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  • D intentionally or recklessly applies unlawful physical force to another person

Actus reus:

  • Low threshold physical force required (Collins v Wilcock)
  • Touching clothes / equivalent to touching person (Thomas)
  • Consent can make touching lawful (Collins v Wilcock)
  • Force can only be applied via continuing acts used (Fagan v MPC)
  • D punched girlfriend / she dropped baby / guilty of battery on baby (Haystead)
  • D blocked theatre exits & shouted fire / Vs injured in chaos / D guilty (Martin)
  • Omissions can give rise to liability / police injured during search / D omitted to mention needles / guilty of battery (Santana Bermudez)

Mens rea:

  • ..proof that the defendant intentionally or recklessly applied force to the person of another...(Venna)
  • Mens rea may be transferred to unintended Vs / belt in pub accidently hit V (Latimer)
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