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Assualt Ocasioning Actual Bodily Harm

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  • Section 47 / least serious offence in Offences Against the Person Act 1861
  • Most convictions / either way offence / maximum 5yr prison

Actus reus ABH (s47):


  • initial stage / either assault or battery


  • causation element

Actual bodily harm:

  • .. calculated to interfere with the health or comfort of the V... (Miller)
  • Harm means injury / actual means injury not be wholly insignificant / bodily not limited to skin, flesh & bones / also organs, brain & nervous system (Chan-Fook)
  • psychiatric injury if identifiable medical condition (Chan-Fook)
  • D cut off ex girlfriend's ponytail (Smith)
  • D chased & kicked / V briefly unconscious / guilty ABH (T v DPP)
  • 15 yr old boy / guilty ABH / not present at time injury caused (DPP v K)
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Assualt Ocasioning Actual Bodily Harm

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Mens rea ABH (s47):

  • Intention or recklessness / as assault or battery / no separate mens rea (Roberts)
  • D threw beer at V intentionally / glass left hand too / sufficient mens rea for battery / result more serious / both factually & legally / sufficient mens rea (Savage)
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