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Absolute Defence: Illegality

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Absolute Defences: Illegality

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  • maxim: ex turpi causa non oritur actio / no action arises from a disgraceful cause
  • C's conduct: must be very closely connected with illegality / if not defence fails
  • motorbike / P encouraged driver drunk & no licence / joint illegality / defence applied (Pitts v Hunt [1990])
  • P shot by D / trespassing on allotment / defence failed: excessive force (Revell v Newbery [1996])
  • negligent auditors / defence succeeded: C fraud (Stone & Rolls v Moore Stephens [2009])
  • C injured train crash caused D/ C mental breakdown & killed / defence successful: contrary public policy recover for damage consequence of own criminal conduct (Gray v Thames Trains [2009])
  • trading as liquidated company / D allegedly gave negligent advice / defence successful: C not recover for damage caused by own illegal act (Griffin v UHY Hacker Young & Partners [2010])
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