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Discuss the advantages of the process of Parliamentary law making

It is seen as democratic as MPs are elected to make laws and put forward constituents' perspectives in debates. The unelected House of Lords delaying power is limited to a year and the monarch's role is now a formality. Proposals are ultimately passed by a democratic vote of members. Accountability is ensured by the democratic element and the open nature of debates, which are available online and can been read in full in Hansard.

The Government is the majority choice and can largely control the legislative programme, from timetables for debate to options about what proposal to prioritise. For example the first Government Bill introduced in the new parliament was the Identity Documents Act 2010, after a promise to scrap ID cards in the Conservative manifesto.

Scrutiny is an advantage of Parliamentary law making as it is a thorough process, with several opportunities for debate and amendments to be made. The process involves expertise. The House of Lords acts as a checking mechanism and contains many peers with a range of considerable expertise. Also, Government Ministers are advised by experts within the civil service.

Flexibility is an advantage as different routes for introduction of Bills allows for more diverse topics to be legislated. This can include areas which might be seen as politically sensitive such as the Abortion Act 1967, which was introduced as a Private Members' Bill.

Parliament makes laws made with overview in mind, not on one case, for example Fraud Act 2006 which established a simpler structure for offences. It alleviates the problem that .. hard cases are apt to introduce bad law... (Winterbottom v Wright).

Parliamentary law making brings certainty as Acts are more clearly defined than case law. Also Acts cannot be challenged under the doctrine of Parliamentary Sovereignty.

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