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Voluntary Manslaughter: Evaluation & Reform

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Voluntary Manslaughter: Evaluation & Reform

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Recent Reform:

  • two partial defences / provocation & diminished responsibility (Homicide Act 1957)
  • provocation replaced / with loss of control (Coroners and Justice Act 2009)
  • loss of control / wider / no requirement for it to be sudden / fear of serious violence can be considered
  • loss of control / narrower / sexual infidelity no longer a qualifying trigger / things said or done must be extremely grave in nature & caused a justifiable sense of being seriously wronged

Further reform

  • concerns still persist / some argue loss of control too restrictive
  • Law Commission / proposed removing loss of control criteria completely / eg Ds in abusive relationship may kill from combination of emotions / not necessarily loss of control
  • some argue / unfair sexual infidelity is excluded / common law provocation grew out of prevalence of cases / many people would lose control on finding out about partner's affair
  • some argue / fear of serious violence too restrictive / as must have lead to loss of control
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