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Murder: Mens Rea

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Murder: Mens Rea

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  • .. the unlawful killing of a reasonable person in being and under the King's peace with malice aforethought, express or implied... (Sir Edward Coke)
  • Coke's definition / malice aforethought / express or implied
  • case law / no malice necessary (Gray)
  • no planning required / only intention not formed after act
  • intention to kill / or cause serious harm sufficient (Vickers)
  • D hit V over head with stool / sufficient mens rea (Cunningham)

Foresight of Consequences:

  • foresight of consequences / D's aim not to kill or cause serious harm / oblique intent
  • statute allows consideration / extent D foresaw consequences (S8 Criminal Justice Act 1967)
  • mere foresight of probable death not sufficient intent / can be used to infer intent by jury (Moloney)
  • greater probability / more likely foreseen / increase likely intended (Hancock & Shankland)
  • was consequence virtual certainty / if D foresaw / jury infer D intended (Nedrick)
  • was consequence virtual certainty / if D foresaw / jury find D intended (Woolin)
  • foresight of consequences / like rule of evidence / jury to interpret (Matthews & Alleyne)
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