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Offer: Tenders

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Spencer v Harding (1870)

  • general rule : request for tenders are invitation to treat / tenders are offers / may be accepted
  • Willes J: and we undertake to sell to the highest bidder / may make binding offer

Unilateral contract

  • invitation for tenders / may constitute offer / unilateral contract

Blackpool & Fylde Aero Club Ltd v Blackpool Borough Council [1990]

  • C's tender / D wrongly thought late & not consider / C sued for breach of implied promise: to consider tender returned on time
  • CoA: upheld claim / invitation was offer to consider correctly submitted tender / C's tender acceptance / D breach unilateral contract
  • Lord Bingham: can be implied / D no statement not binding to consider / reasonable invitee expect tender considered
  • highlighted: only select few invitees / clear, orderly and familiar procedure
  • controversial decision / unclear when implied term making invitation an offer to consider tenders
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